Custom marriage certificates are a beautiful guest book alternative.  After the vows have been said and the two of you are united forever, all of your loved ones gather around and sign in testament that they were witness on your most special of days.  


At Dancing Pen & Press each and every marriage certificate is custom and one of a kind.  The wording can be as simple as your names, with pencil signature lines for all to sign.  Some choose to include their own custom vows on their marriage certificate to remind eachother how much they loved eachother and committed to eachother they were on their wedding day.  We also create Quaker Marriage certificates that follow more of a traditional wording structure.  Whatever your religion, background, aesthtic, etc we can create something just for you. 


Not only is the wording custom on these certificates, but also the design.  We create marriage certificates that have only text, and some that have very elaborate watercolors and sketches.  We can even sketch the church, temple, mansion, barn, chapel, home that you got married in!  We can match the design to your invites (even if you didn't choose us to create your wedding invites).  We can adorn your certificate with watercolor flowers that are indiginous to the area that you are from or that your wedding took place at.


Take a stroll through our gallery of certificates, and if you don't see exactly what you would like, we can create some brand new and custom just to you!  We also have more on our facebook page.  Excited to get started?  We are too!  Please email us for a custom price quote for your marriage certificate