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Within your wedding invitation suite are several components.  This can be a confusing bevy of little cards at first glimpse.  You may wonder things such as "Where should I put the dress code", "Is it proper to put registry information on my invite?", "Do both sets of parent's names go on the invitations?", "If I have a website, how do I inform my guests about it?".  All of those questions are very important and will do my best to cover many more of your questions here.  If I don't answer your question, click "Contact Us" in the top right hand corner of this site and ask me!  We have created hundreds upon hundreds of letterpress wedding invitation suites, so we pride oruselves on knowing our way around a weddding invitation. 


Let us start with the fact that a lot of information about wedding invitations is going off of "Wedding Etiquette" that comes from the likes of Emily Post, or Crane's.  We alert our clients to the old school wedding etiquette rules, but also encourage them to do what's best for their own aesthetic, wedding, family, etc.  Things are changing in the whole wedding invitation world.  Even since I started with letterpress a few years ago, a new insert has emerged that never had been present in a suite before!  The wedding website card.  I will touch more on that later!




The main wedding invitation is typically a rectangle A7 size which is 5x7 inches.  Wedding invitations can be larger than an A7 or smaller, they can be perfect sqaures, or even different shapes all together.  What is constant on an invitation you may ask?  To be effective the invitation should have a few key pieces of information:


Who is getting married?

Who is hosting?

When is the wedding date?

What time will the wedding be?

Where is the wedding?


If the ceremony and reception are at different locales, it is customary to only put the ceremny location (and time) on the invitation.  Again, this is going back to wedding etiquette.  Some couples choose to have both the ceremony AND the reception information on the main invite.  Clients typically choose this route if their stationery budget doesn't allow for a reception card.  




This is where the reception (a.k.a. the party!!) information goes.  This card is smaller than the main invitation.  These are typically eithe A1 (3.5x5") or A2 (4.25x5.5"), but again these can vary.  This is the place to let your guests know where the reception will take place and at what time.  If your reception is "Black tie" or "Black tie optional" it would be notated on this card in the lower right hand corner.  I have seen more and more couples writing thinsg such as "formal affair" or "no children please".  Going by wedding etiquette rules this is a "no-no". Things like that may be better via word of mouth, but again, this is going off of wedding etiquette rules.  Some people have families that do not understand that only the people that are notated on the envelope are invited!  We understand whatever your situation is!!  If you have a dress code other than "Black tie" or "Black tie optional" we suggest putting that on your wedding website if you have one.